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How To Forgive When The Situation Looks Unforgiving

How To Forgive When The Situation Looks Unforgiving

How To Forgive When The Situation Looks Unforgiving

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Never let the pain of the past make you bitter but better. Forgive that person today, make that call today, let that person know s(he) has been forgiven. It’s hard to forgive and forget, but it is harder to hate. Our minds will always believe everything you act on and whatever you feed with it, so please, feed your mind with forgiveness.

In the real essence, forgiveness is not to the benefit of the offender but the one who forgave.

7 Steps on how to Forgive when you are finding it difficult.

How To Forgive When The Situation Looks Unforgiving

  1. Pray

To pray for our offenders is to express God’s kind of Love ( This kind of Love isn’t described by emotional/ affectional love) this kind of Love is meant to be expressed in actions through prayers. Praying for those who actively hurt you requires you looking at this small world in a completely different way. This is easier said than done, but with the help of God is doable, and by doing this, your mind is free of hurt/ grieve and pain. (See. Matthew 5:44)

  1. Love and do good to the offender.

Love is God, to show love is to depict God here on earth.
Please, in your capacity, do good for nothing, because it cost nothing to be good. To do good to them who has offended us is to show a distinctive difference between the offender and the offended. (See. Romans 12:9)

  1. Release them from your punishment
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Pay no evil for evil, because the importance of Originality won’t be known if there’s no Counterfeit. Light won’t make sense if there’s no Darkness.

You cannot control the behavior of others, but you can control yours, please live peaceable with all men and let vengeance be of God. Just let it God!
(See. Romans 12:17-19)

  1. Don’t celebrate their failures

Forgiveness is a deliberate and an intentional act. The scripture says ‘Ye are god’ so, God won’t give up on you, please don’t give up on others. To rejoice in the downfall of others is to show that we are on the same level with them. How are we, in fact, different as somebody who Acted evil towards us, for Thinking celebrating their failures is worth doing? Please, don’t do it. (See. Proverbs 24:17)

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  1. Treat them as you want to be treated

To someone reading this, I need to remind you, that we are fashioned and crafted in the design of God. So, to treat others wrongly, badly or with unforgiveness is to treat God badly. A prerequisite needed for God’s forgiveness is to forgive those who trespass against us. (See. Luke 6:31)

  1. Stop dwelling in the past
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To be offended is to be ‘Off’ and ‘ended’. Unforgiving are stumbling blocks to our progress in life, it deter us from seeing what is ahead in life. Please, don’t dwell in this past. Look past the offences and look ahead of the offences. (See. Isaiah 43:18)

  1. Don’t speak poorly of the offender

We are in a world, where people no longer want to have anything to do with you if you have by any means wronged them. That s(he) wronged you doesn’t mean something good can’t still come out of him/her. The fact that there are lots of bad examples doesn’t mean there are still no best examples. Be that great example that you are in your capacity. Don’t speak poorly of them but rather speak nice of them. (See. Romans 12:14)


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