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Ty Bello – Heaven Has Come (Mp3 Download, Lyrics)

Ty Bello – Heaven Has Come (Mp3 Download, Lyrics)

Ty Bello – Heaven Has Come (Mp3 Download, Lyrics, MP4)

“Heaven Has Come” opens the album with a gentle melody that transports us to a realm of divine beauty. As we listen, the gates of heaven swing wide open, inviting us into a sacred encounter with God. The soothing harmonies and serene atmosphere of this track create a space where we can connect with the heavenly realms and experience the presence of the Almighty.

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Ty Bello is not only a gifted gospel artist from Nigeria, but also a beacon of light, using her voice and talent to inspire, uplift, and draw people closer to God. Her music and passion for making a difference in the world leave an indelible mark on those who encounter her artistry.

Heaven Has Come By Ty Bello official video

Download Heaven Has Come By Ty Bello (Mp3, Lyrics, Video)


Ty Bello – Heaven Has Come Lyrics


Do you Recognize the Fragrance
That’s Surrounding me
I have Seen my Father’s Grace
And I have Danced

To His Melody
I Bowed Down
And I Touched His Feet
Oh can’t you see Him
All Around me yeah
Oh, the Fragrance
Of Heaven all Around me
Heaven Has Come

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I have Seen
What Generations yearn to See
I have Seen
The Master’s Heart for me
I have Seen His Countenance

And I have Danced to His Melody
Heaven is all over me
All over me yeah


Traveling and Walking
In the Light
By Illumination of the Father
I’m Alive and
Moving to the Rhythm
Of His Heart
I Feel Resurrection

In the Healing of my Heart and
Deeply in Connection
With the Presence
It’s a Fragrance that I am Oozing
By His Essence

Meditation on the Word
My Revelation
So, I Live from an Eternal
Point of Reference
In Tune with the Christ,

Morning, noon and the Night
Like the Moon be Controlling
The Move of the Tides

I Move by His Sound
As I Look in His Eyes
So I’m asking
If you really do Recognize
When the Heaven comes
In the whisper or a sound alarm
Cool of the day

Or a Thunderstorm
Fulfilling the Prophecies
By the Wisdom of the Paraclete
And a Strong Power of Messiah
He is Changing all the Paradigms.

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It is true we are dire Times.
But it is even truer that He never Lies.
When the Heaven comes
In the Whisper

or a Sound Alarm
Cool of the day
Or a Thunderstorm
Fulfilling the Prophecies

Heaven will never Leave.
Heaven has Arrived,
It will never Disappear.


[Theophilus – Tongues]

Can you See Him
Ode O, Ode O
Ode O, Ode O

O Ode O, Ode O
Ode O, Ode O

O Ode O, Ode O
Ode O, Ode O

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