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Steven Malcolm – Respect Mp3 Download (lyrics)

Steven Malcolm – Respect Mp3 Download (lyrics)
Steven Malcolm – Respect

Download MP3 Steven Malcolm – Respect (Lyrics, Video)

Here is a gospel song titled “Respect ” by the Award winning Super Star American gospel musician and hip-hop artist Steven Malcolm.

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Steven Malcolm music has been streamed over 35 million times, has been featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday, been used by the NBA on ESPN, and on VH1’s “Black Ink Crew”.

Respect “ is accessible for streaming and downloading by means of all major computerized outlets around the world.

Download Respect MP3 By Steven Malcolm (Lyrics, Video)


Video: Steven Malcolm – Respect

Lyrics: Steven Malcolm – Respect

Sango sent the track I told him boy I am on it
I’ve done met some people make me question motives
Industry be tricky got to watch who closest
It’s only when you winning that they taking notice
Midwest I’ve been grinding every since 2010
Back on Lafayette I’ve never been basic
Lit just like a candle then I pen greatness
Piece of cake watch your boy demonstrate

Give me the ball I fade or take it up all the way
Went to the mall today I bought me up all the bape
Swerve in a drag race I am picking up all the pace
I’ve been in the gym lately come catch you a bald fade

I don’t tolerate no disrespect you get checked
Talking sideways now you regret trying to step
No more fake around me you get dap with the left
Clout chasing that they are what I call fake

Mama, she told me that I can do anything just put my mind to it
Cranium vision I write with precision now look at what God doing
To keep it 100 I came from the bottom now look at my influence
Been doing what they said I can’t and it ain’t going
Where the devil wanted to go I remember late nights sleeping in hotel room sister had to pay the rent with strip money
Mama creeping with the neighbor had to hold the burner after getting jumped
They asked me why am humble I came from the slums
Honestly I’m like the highest grade in the dispensary
Probably how I can throw the game I know it’s meant for me
Blessed to see the dream I live it like I know it’s destiny
19 graduated cap and gown around here
Five years later getting signed big sound around here
Ain’t nobody keeping up I run the town around here
Had to double back was way too many clowns around here
Had to move a couple pieces now we popping around here
True character going to come out when there’s pressure around here
Diamonds on me because I been through the pressure around here
True saint boy I live for the blessing around here
Too lit, dem bwoy fiya how I set it roun here

I live with no limit
I whip like a chemist
My name in your mouth
But I am not a dentist
Set Record like Guinness
The people my witness
My pen and my pad turn me into a menace
Again and again gotta sprint to the finish
I get in my bag and everybody listen
I don’t mean to brag but I got to get it, I’m out


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