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Steven Malcolm – Accelerate Mp3 Download (lyrics)

Steven Malcolm – Accelerate Mp3 Download (lyrics)
Steven Malcolm – Accelerate

Download MP3 Steven Malcolm – Accelerate (Lyrics, Video)

Here is a gospel song titled “Accelerate ” by the Award winning Super Star American gospel musician and hip-hop artist Steven Malcolm.

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Steven Malcolm music has been streamed over 35 million times, has been featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday, been used by the NBA on ESPN, and on VH1’s “Black Ink Crew”.

Accelerate “ is accessible for streaming and downloading by means of all major computerized outlets around the world.

Download Accelerate MP3 By Steven Malcolm (Lyrics, Video)


Video: Steven Malcolm – Accelerate

Lyrics: Steven Malcolm – Accelerate

I hop out that phantom like the opera
Hit the throttle take off on him tell me who gon stop’em
Foot on the gas I’m a problem
Told my people that I got them
Bet the slips let’s get it Poppin
You know losing ain’t an option
When it’s time to grind tell me where to be
When it’s time to shine show me where the grease
Ain’t no more talking no more when I switch up the gear I’m ready to get it
Put it in fifth and I fly like a Lear my speed in triple digits
Chevy Chevelle SS I let them all witness
Hop in a Tesla hop in a Ferrari be the first to finish

Doing 90 on the highway
Speed demon punch the gas till I’m gone, yeah yeah
Tell them move out of my way
Ain’t no time for no discussion I said back and hit that button and accelerate
Watch that ting go zoom fast pace is how I delegate
Hit the gas on the highest in the room how I elevate
Ain’t got time for no discussion

I got that vroom, shut up
Big foot flintstone feet on that gas, it ain’t no mo room, get up, when I come around them OGs sippen Dos Equis, in that zone lit up
I’m coming round the corner beaming brighter than moon lit up, getcha crew hit up
Switch lanes watch me pop a Willy ina tank
Let me to act a fool with it
My shawty bad I’m in the pool with her
And I’ll go to war for my lady, you come at her crazy I’m letting that tool lift up
Gotta battery pack on My back bone
I done carried gorillas I’m that strong
And If King Kong gotta problem I’m coming to solve it my hoodie and mask on
I’m built different I last long
Can’t nobody take my place
I can’t fade away, I know I’ll never make the NBA
Forget about how they be talking, cuz they cards could show a different face
Steven you my ace, on the spade time to celebrate my bottles bout to

Watch that ting go zoom fast pace is how I delegate
Hit the gas on the highest in the room how I elevate
Ain’t got time for no discussion I sit back and then I
Accelerate, accelerate


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