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Naomi Raine – Let Go Mp3 Download (lyrics)

Naomi Raine – Let Go  Mp3 Download (lyrics)
Naomi Raine – Let Go

Download MP3 Naomi Raine – Let Go (Lyrics, Video)

Here is a gospel song titled “Let Go” by an Anointed American Christian and gospel singer, songwriter, and worship leader Naomi Raine. Raine is a member of Maverick City Music collective .

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At the age of 2, Naomi Raine sang in her first concert! And by the age of 7, she had already written her first song. Since that time, Naomi has taken the gifts and talents that God has given her and uses them to bring God glory wherever she goes.

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Let Go” is accessible for streaming and downloading by means of all major computerized outlets around the world.

Download Let Go MP3 By Naomi Raine (Lyrics, Video)


Video: Naomi Raine – Let Go

Lyrics: Naomi Raine – Let Go

You know, at some point you just have to let go, surrender
Say, “I don’t know what I’m doing, God, tell me what to do again”
Um, I think one of the frustrating things for me has been like
Man, like haven’t you been here already? Haven’t you said this before?
Um, I used to be frustrated with that
But now I’ve realized that at each level, or in each different space
There’s another level of surrender
Um, and it’s greater space that I can give the Lord in my situation


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