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Monique – Chant (Mp3 Download, lyrics)

Monique – Chant (Mp3 Download, lyrics)
Monique – Chant

Monique – Chant MP3 Download (Lyrics, MP4)

Here is a gospel song “Chant” by the Nigerian Gospel artist “Monique“,

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Download Chant MP3 By Monique (Lyrics, Video)


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Lyrics: Monique – Chant

Awimayehun Oba ayeraye
Alagbada nla Oba ti nla ibu aye ja
Fona hanmi ki ma ya sigbo
Oba oni fitila ire
Edumare to tiwaya mi sinu ola imole

Iwo ni mofeyin ti ti mo tun wo loju
Oju Oluwa o kin deru bani
Baba Oba ti n moba je, Baba Abo, Baba Oba
Baba Bo Baba Agbalagba
Oba Bo, Oba Nla, Oba Abo, Oba Eledumare
Oba to nje mimo
To n wo mimo
O nse mimo
O nsun mimo
O ngbe mimo
Mimo Mimo Loruko re
Yagbo yaju alagbede orun o

Eledumare, Eledumare
Eledumare, Eledumare
Iru kere owo re Ina
Opa owo re ase
Let your will be done in my Life
Kase re bere Lori mi o
Oba mimo
Agbara ra nbe ninu eje Jesu
Ninu eje Jesu Agbara nbe
Ninu eje Jesu Agbara nbe
Oba ti njejo ti Lawyer aye kn itun da
Oda ti Nebukadinesari Ko ma si eni to le yi
Odidi Oba Jeweko fodun meje bi eran
Eru re nba mi o
Ologo meta,Ologo meta,Ologo meta
Titi lai la lai
Nigba ti molo sile Oluwa, Ile Oluwa, Ile Oluwa
Oluwa gbami Oluwa wo mi
ose mi lore
Ose mi lore
Oluwa gbami Oluwa wo mi
ose mi lore
Ose mi lore
Mo dupe o

The ONE who wears the mightiest Robe
The KING who spans the rivers of Life
The KING of the Perfect Light
The Glory in the Light
The ONE we can rely on and look up to


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